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Fox News | The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson

Lane speaks to Gretchen about the Lifetime television movie she produced and directed The Choking Game.

Manny Streets of KIIS FM

Listen in as Lane and Manny discuss life as a female director in modern times, her journey here, and future projects in store.  

77 WABC | The Rita Cosby Show

Begin listening at 00:20:20 to hear Lane speak about her new book Sell Your Story in A Single Sentence: Advice from the Front Lines of Hollywood.

BBC Radio 5 Live

Begin listening at 1:36:00 to hear Lane speak about book-to-screen adaptation and what Hollywood is looking for. 

CNN iReport


Dubbed "The Book Whisperer" Lane talks about how she has set up more than two dozen novels for adaptation to TV Series, MOWs and Features.

KCNR Radio

Begin listening at 00:26:26 to hear Lane speak about her latest book, how movie ideas are selected, and how they make it to the screen.

Creative Screenwriting​​ Magazine

Lane speaks with Creative Screenwriting about selling your story in a single sentence, common logline blunders, and the importance of stakes.

Candy Washington Blog

Uber-popular blog writer, Candy Washington, interviews Lane about her single sentence strategies. 

Writer's Bone
​​ ​

Lane speaks with Boston writers Sean Tuohy and Daniel Ford about the Art of the Logline.

The Story Blender

Bestselling author Steven James interviews Lane about selling books to filmmakers. 

Jane Friedman Blog
Lane provides insider information to Jane Friedman for her article on how a book becomes a movie. 
Keynote Interview for ASJA

Sandra Gurvis interviews Lane for a Q&A regarding her upcoming seminar at the ASJA Writers Conference about creating the perfect logline.

Dave Bullis Podcast
Lane speaks to Dave about developing a logline and selling a story. 
Published Magazine
Lane was interviewed by this popular press about book-to-screen adaptation. 
Writer's Digest - Teen Writers Come of Age
Teen writer Jamie S. Margolin interviewed Lane for her article discussing young-adult writers and the importance of their work. One of the writers mentioned wrote "The Duff," which Lane found, shopped, and produced. 
Is Your Book Movie Material?

Julie Carrick Dalton picks the brain of Lane and other industry professionals as to what makes a book a good canidate for a film adaptation. 

In Pursuit of the Perfect Logline

Julie Carrick Dalton gets the skinny from Lane about the hows, whats, and whys of crafting a solid logline for your novel.

Don411  Review

Don411 applauds Lane's book, Sell Your Story in a Single Sentence about creating the perfect logline. 

The Lisa Show - BYU Radio

Lisa and Richie ask Lane about her passion for book adaptations as the "book whisperer," what she looks for in a script, the changes in Hollywood supporting adaptations, and projets she hopes to see completed in the future. 

Your Book Is Your Hook Podcast

Lane speaks to best-selling author, speaker, and consultant Jennifer S Wilkov about her writing process for How To Sell Your Story in a Single Sentence and discuss the importance of doing your research before pitching your writing project. 

lit to lens.jpg
Lit to Lens Podcast

In this episode of Lit to Lens, Lane discusses her love for her career in film, working in Hollywood, and how to keep writers involved when they are adapting their products to the big screen. This podcast is meant for those who liked the book more than the movie! 

Meet the Media Veterans 

In this Facebook livestream, Lane speaks with the director of the Instructional Media Centre at MANUU, Rizwan Ahamd, about indie feature productions. 

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The Writer Magazine: Craft Book Spotlight

The Writer Magazine reviews Lane's book, Sell Your Story in a Single Sentence, showcasing the book's "logline cheat sheet" which can help you to create your best log line!  

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The Ringer: To the Moon! But First Stop, Hollywood

A quote from Lane is used in this article to support why there may be so many upcoming film adaptations of the GameStop stock squeeze that occurred in January and February of 2022. 

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MEAWW: 'Desperate Widows' director Lane Shefter Bishop on 'mommunes'

Bhagyasri Chaudhury writes about Lane's recent project, 'Desperate Widows', and what it was like creating the setting for the Lifetime film. 

Symposium One-on-One: Lane Shefter Bishop​

The Town Hall series featuring Lane speaking with her friend Jeanne Bowerman where they discuss, "acquiring books, writing adaptations, directing, writing for hire, and pitching to networks. " 

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